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Data Expertise and Support

Not sure what data to pull or how to customize your marketing reports? SmartFeed’s support team is here to help. SmartFeed provides top of the line service for all data integrations in order to guide you through the process of pulling, blending and feeding data into the platform of your choice.


Can I get a free trial?

Of course! Schedule a live demo and get started with a 14 day free trial today.

Can I send my data to multiple smart destinations?

Yes, unlimited data feeds come standard with all SmartFeed solutions.

How long do subscription periods last?

Subscription periods are available for monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans. Please be advised, discounts are applied for annual plans.

Is there an additional charge to request a data source?

All solutions with priority level support can request additional data integrations free of charge. Request a data source to include in your SmartFeed plan and we’ll be happy to build a connection.

What type of support is available?

SmartFeed support varies by level.

Basic support plans receive a response to all questions within 24 business hours, however, requests to alter custom feeds or to request new data integrations, may inquire additional charges.

Priority support plans receive answers within 8 business hours to all your data integration, normalization or feed questions. Additionally, the support team is available to offer advice on best practices for smart reporting or edit custom data feeds on the fly.

Do you have agency pricing?

Yes, contact us for a full break down of our agency pricing plan or to create a custom plan.

Is SmartFeed GDPR compliant?

Data protection and security is of utmost importance at SmartFeed, therefore, we take great measures to not collect any personal data. Rest assured, all data integrated through SmartFeed will be GDPR compliant.

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