Sweetspot Marketing Intelligence

Omnichannel Intelligence meets Performance Management

Sweetspot Marketing Intelligence is the Information Delivery platform for Enterprises looking to ease integration burdens while making effective data-based decisions. Enjoy all the benefits of full digital and offline data integration, combined with Digital Insight Management™ functionalities for unparalleled data-backed collaboration and Storytelling.

How does it work?

Sweetspot Marketing Intelligence provides everything you would expect from an enterprise information delivery platform, including limitless possibilities with ETL and ad hoc modeling, combined with full storage and batch uploads at the back-end. Let us do the work! We’ll build a custom data model that speaks the language of your organization by transforming your multi-source data sets into cohesive information.

Who says reporting has to be boring?

Simplify your reporting

Extreme flexibility

Personalize reports for effective data-based decision making

Only where your team is provided relevant, concise and context-enriched information will they make effective data-based decisions. Sweetspot makes it simple to create custom metrics that really speak the language of your organization and answer your key questions.

Not only are you able to put data together in the most flexible manner, but also to visualize it, present it, distribute it, and deliver it as you wish. Our extensive visualization library, Storytelling functionalities and dashboard personalization allow you to tell impactful stories branded with your corporate image. In addition, our data governance system enables you to deliver truly personalized reporting experiences, while our multi-access options give you the freedom to consult performance on the go.

Extreme flexibility

Agile Report Automation

All the metrics you care about, deployed in record time

Automate your reporting to save valuable time and ensure you’re always informed on performance. Create your dashboards once, then Sweetspot will do the rest for you. Not only will it automatically pull in updated data, but also deliver this to you in your preferred method at the most impactful time. Access your reports via web, iOS or Android app, or even through your email. In addition, Sweetspot will alert you via notifications when you should take a deeper look at your data.

Agile Report Automation

Multichannel Performance Management

View the impact of your actions

Combine data from across multiple channels, initiatives or sources for the most reflective performance reporting. Tailor this to specific teams or individuals, and take data-based decision making much further with Sweetspot’s collaborative functionalities and proactive alerts. Enjoy mobile, email or in-platform performance alerts and receive notifications for when your collaboration is required.

Furthermore, apply your own or predefined predictive models to individual metrics or complete panels to detect patterns, evaluate the evolution of your metrics and put your historical data at the service of future business hypotheses.

Multichannel Performance Management

Scale with security

Efficiently distribute information across your organization

Automation is key to scalability in Enterprise reporting. Sweetspot can help you take this even further with the ability to create templated solutions and replicate these out across clients, countries, brands, device or any other relevant segment. Scale efficiently at both data and presentation level while still retaining the ability to personalize individual dashboards where required.

In addition, scale with control using our robust user management and permissions system to ensure that each individual can access and act on the information they need, while protecting sensitive data.

Scale with security

Sweetspot Privacy by Design

Secure, privacy compliant dashboards

Safeguard your data and rest assured that all reports meet privacy compliance regulations, including the GDPR. With Sweetspot your data is in good hands. Our platform is Information Security Management 27001 certified, and audited on a yearly basis under this framework for the legal, physical and technical control of big data.

Additionally, Sweetspot proudly complies with all personal data privacy regulations. Our clean data-based platform only integrates aggregated data as compound, multi-source KPIs or data visualizations.

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Sweetspot Privacy by Design

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