Sweetspot Agency Master Account

A unique & refined reporting experience for agencies & clients

Agency Master Accounts (AMA) are Sweetspot’s answer to the new needs of marketing agencies, media companies and digital communications specialists. Truly a single source of truth shared by brands, agencies and media.

Confidently deliver automated reports to your most valued clients and share actionable insights in a sleek, intuitive, digital dashboard experience. Performance metrics have never looked so good.

Deliver a reporting experience like none other.

Deliver automated, white-labelled client reports and dashboards for a superb data consumption experience on mobile or web.

Centrally manage client reporting, control client access and ensure data security while quickly rolling out either a consistent, template-based reporting model or flexible solutions for individual clients.

Enjoy an open communication channel with each and every customer that paves the way for fruitful collaboration and shared insights.

How does it work?

Agency Master Accounts (AMAs) bring all the benefits of Sweetspot Intelligence or Reports to agencies looking to build complementary service offerings around client reporting. Unbeatable data governance and workflow rules, built especially for agency structures, allow Digital Agencies to offer automated, consistent, and value-driven reporting with ease.

  • Every agency client (“Managed Client”) is granted direct access to their own campaign performance metrics – a collection of KPIs and charts bearing the agency’s know-how and personality
  • Agency account managers are provided with consistent, yet unique, client-specific environments for the follow-up and exchange of ideas around past and future campaigns
  • Agency Master Accounts enable cross-portfolio client information delivery in full alignment with the best practices and agency experience that these customers appreciate in their own media buying and strategic partnerships

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Deliver a reporting experience like none other

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