Sweetspot Reports

Agile Report Automation with Personality

Leverage an unparalleled collection of API integrations through a visual interface that greatly expands the possibilities of your digital data. The Sweetspot Data Builder allows you to:

  • Visually explore and select metrics and dimensions, applying filters or segments
  • Deduplicate dimensional values across multiple sources in two simple clicks
  • Define cross-source KPIs, correlations or charts

Store your KPIs and charts in flexible Panel Templates™ that are easily instantiated across multiple brands or business units, ensuring a speedy and consistent rollout.

Effortlessly distribute dashboards and scorecards that bear your own signature, and take digital performance management to a new level by leveraging the full strength of the Sweetspot DCX.

Data Model

Specs at a glance

Sweetspot Reports - Specs at a glance

*DCX (Data Consumer Experiences)
Includes: State-of-the-art visualizations, Mobile apps, Digital Insight Management™, Flags, Goals & Alerts, Sweetspot Curtains™, Forecasting, Timeline, Voice commands (Alexa) & Dynamic filtering.

Sweetspot Reports is not another dashboard. Find out how it differs from:

(Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft PowerBI, Spotfire, Google Data Studio)

  1. Our unique Panel Templates feature makes Sweetspot Reports an infinitely more scalable solution than any visual discovery platform when it comes to deploying brand or business unit-specific dashboards across the larger organization. KPI and chart libraries are created only once, and subsequently instantiated as many times as required on the basis of pre-defined variables.
  2. Sweetspot Reports goes well beyond providing a visual discovery layer for structured data sets, counting on its own data processing and storage capabilities and thus accommodating a vast array of digital data sources (mostly unstructured or semi-structured).
  3. Without independent standardization or data warehouse building processes, Sweetspot Reports allows you to deduplicate dimensional values, build compound metrics, and display correlations. All this through a visual and highly intuitive self-management environment (Sweetspot Data Builder).
  4. Thanks to Sweetspot DCX, Sweetspot Reports isn’t limited to presenting data. Collaborative and automated functions enable you to add context to raw figures through business conclusions, proposals, events and goals. These functions are extended to mobile applications for Android and iOS.
  5. Sweetspot Reports supports a significantly higher volume of APIs and methods than those provided by visual discovery platforms.

(Domo, SiSense, GoodData)

  1. Unlike Cloud BI products or ETL-based solutions (including Sweetspot Intelligence), Sweetspot Reports incorporates predictive trends in the historical evolution of each KPI.
  2. Without the requirement of an intermediate step between API calls and data normalization, Sweetspot Reports is considerably faster to deploy than any Cloud BI solution.
  3. In contrast to the general nature of Cloud BI, and like Sweetspot Intelligence, Sweetspot Reports was created specifically for the processing and delivery of digital data, which is unstructured or semi-structured by nature.
  4. Like Sweetspot Intelligence, Sweetspot Reports is strongly geared towards performance management and information delivery, as opposed to analysis-oriented, dynamic data exploration. We strongly believe that business stakeholders demand clear insights in their own language, and do not appreciate the distraction of time-consuming environments that aim to turn everyone into data analysis aficionados.
  5. Thanks to Sweetspot DCX, Sweetspot Reports redefines the organization’s data management workflow, not limiting itself to recording conversations or random comments, but instead providing a method for business stakeholders to follow up on past decisions and their impact on KPIs.

(Adobe, Origami Logic, Datorama, VisualIQ)

Do you represent a media or communication agency?

We have something better in store for you: Thanks to Sweetspot AMA (Agency Master Account), media purchasing or communication agencies can count on a solution specifically designed for their most common problems. If you’re currently challenged by Data governance and end user permissions for account managers, clients, campaigns or third parties, onboarding new accounts effectively or taking advantage of specific sources for cost and investment management, ask us how an AMA could work for you.

Do you act on behalf of a brand or end client? Keep reading…

  1. By avoiding both granular data integration and second-party data onboarding (common in Ad Analytics offerings), Sweetspot Reports maintains full compliance with Privacy by Design principles and, more importantly, requirements and procedures set forth by the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  2. As opposed to a general focus on “campaign attribution”, Sweetspot Intelligence emphasizes “contribution analysis” that connects the dots between media spend and different stages across the customer’s own “brand journey”: awareness, intent, bond, experience.
  3. Advertising Analytics platforms are primarily focused on Ad Server-originated data, providing well-needed visibility into otherwise opaque performance campaign, placement or creative metrics – and yet remaining highly tactical. Sweetspot Reports allows you to add images or descriptions, contextualizing Ad Server data along side all your other data as another piece of the overall picture.
  4. In our opinion, the adornment of Advertising Analytics dashboards with nested elements of a varied nature (videos, Twitter feeds, static elements…) results in a chaotic “portal-style” dashboard ecosystem that becomes nearly impossible to automate or properly maintain at a large scale. Therefore, Sweetspot Reports is built with strategic performance management and actionability in mind.

(Klipfolio, Cyfe, Geckoboard… and your local favorite flavor)

  1. Plug & play dashboards are especially useful in very tactical scenarios, including the aggregation of digital metrics for small businesses. Sweetspot Reports was born from day one with a clear mission to facilitate the deployment of scorecards and reports at a large scale, maintaining a common language across the enterprise while adapting to each brand or business unit.
  2. As it happens with Sweetspot Compass, a plug & play dashboard is meant to be entirely self-managed. This demands a high level of standardization with regards to the metrics available or configuration options. Sweetspot Reports is definitely a more flexible choice, allowing for a fully customized deployment.
  3. Thanks to Sweetspot DCX, Sweetspot Reports provides an information delivery experience which departs from the clutter of charts and metrics most often associated with plug & play dashboards.
  4. Sweetspot’s Customer Success team supports clients through conceptualization, deployment and adoption stages. These reporting experts are available to share best practice-based advice and consult on KPI definition or dashboard design, in addition to providing onsite and remote training.
  5. Plug & play dashboards often have limited CSV ingestion capabilities. Sweetspot Reports provides a purpose-built interface for the efficient management of such files, allowing for custom formatting, email forwarding (Sweetspot SourceMail), changes or downloads.

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