Sweetspot Compass

Unleash automated insights through industry-specific best practices and KPI libraries. An instant solution for the most urgent of needs: effective data delivery.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can now experience the full power of the Sweetspot DCX environment for the most common data sources in the digital marketing space.

Meet Sweetspot Compass. A plug & play dashboard for those ready to let the chef decide on their menu.

Data Model

Specs at a glance

Sweetspot Compass - Specs at a glance

*DCX (Data Consumer Experiences)
Includes: State-of-the-art visualizations, Mobile apps, Digital Insight Management™, Flags, Goals & Alerts, Sweetspot Curtains™, Forecasting, Timeline, Voice commands (Alexa) & Dynamic filtering.

Sweetspot Compass is not another dashboard. Find out how it differs from:

(Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft PowerBI, Spotfire, Google Data Studio)

  1. Sweetspot Compass is specifically designed to serve five unique industries (media, retail, consumer brands, banking and automotive) with predefined KPI and chart libraries. Data visualization tools are by nature entirely open in their scope and therefore require prior definition of metrics and segments.
  2. Sweetspot Compass does not limit itself by placing a thin layer of structured data exploration on top of previously available models, providing instead its own independent data storage and scheduled updates.
  3. Thanks to Sweetspot DCX, Sweetspot Compass isn’t limited to presenting data. Collaborative and automated functions enable you to add context to raw figures through business conclusions, proposals, events and goals. These functions are extended to mobile applications for Android and iOS.
  4. Sweetspot Compass is deployed in a fraction of the time required for the rollout of a visual discovery platform and the infrastructure on which it depends.
  5. Sweetspot Compass incorporates benchmarking features optionally enabled by players in a particular industry.

(Domo, SiSense, GoodData)

  1. Sweetspot Compass tremendously simplifies the process of defining objectives, metrics or corporate reporting requirements: all dashboard metrics and graphics have been preconceived according to our best practices for each industry.
  2. Sweetspot Compass places much more emphasis on performance management than deep-dive analysis. We strongly believe that executives demand headlines and business conclusions, not a redundant platform for their entertainment and distraction.
  3. Thanks to Sweetspot DCX, Sweetspot Compass takes workflow to another level. Compass does not limited you to recording comments or conversations, instead it provides real prompts to follow up of the impact of past decisions on performance.
  4. The open nature of Cloud BI makes it difficult to select and apply predictive algorithms, which Sweetspot Compass incorporates for all KPIs out of the box.
  5. Sweetspot Compass deployment times are not only much shorter than those of any Cloud BI solution, but they are also quicker than those of Sweetspot Reports or Sweetspot Intelligence.

(Adobe, Origami Logic, Datorama, VisualIQ)

  1. The principle focus of any advertising analytics solution (in some instances referred to as Marketing Intelligence) is third party data management at granular level. Sweetspot Intelligence focuses on first party data and aggregates.
  2. As a consequence of the previous point, Sweetspot Intelligence complies with the privacy principles of Privacy by Design and is inherently compatible with the actual normative and future protection of data (RGPD). We don’t collect data on the individual level, nor have we closed any agreements for multi-device data cross-over or profile enrichment.
  3. Sweetspot Compass does not attempt media investment value attribution. Instead we enable you to visualize the contribution of organic shares and payments to different stages in the Brand Journey experienced by the customer base.
  4. Advertising Analytics solutions end up seeing the light with a predominance of Ad Server data, creative visualization and selection of dates around campaigns. Sweetspot Compass allows you to select campaigns and add images or descriptions, but Ad Server data is always contextualized.
  5. By applying a predefined library of metrics and graphs, itself linked to a closed list of verified sources, Sweetspot Compass is significantly more scalable than any solution subject to highly variable criteria (based on campaigns, timing, or timely context) and content of difficult periodic management.

(Klipfolio, Cyfe, Geckoboard… and your favorite local flavor)

  1. As opposed to most plug & play dashboards, which hold a federated nature (merely providing a visualization layer that exposes the data model of third parties), Sweetspot Compass counts on its own data processing and storage capabilities.
  2. In contrast to “real-time” dashboards, Sweetspot Compass does not emphasize tactical decision-making linked to very specific processes, such as community management, manually supervised retail special offers, etc. Instead it favors omnichannel management at operational or strategic scale.
  3. By using industry-specific libraries, Sweetspot Compass is the only platform that offers optional benchmarking metrics (to customers who agree to participate in the benchmark pool).
  4. Thanks to Sweetspot DCX, Sweetspot Compass provides an information delivery experience which departs from the clutter of charts and metrics most often associated with plug & play dashboards.
  5. Plug & play dashboards often have limited CSV ingestion capabilities. Sweetspot Reports provides a specific interface for the management of such files, allowing for custom formatting, email forwarding (Sweetspot SourceMail), changes or downloads.

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