Sweetspot AMA

Unique, insightful, beautiful customer dashboards. A cross-channel campaign reporting environment that scales effortlessly.

The Sweetspot AMA builds on the winning features of the Sweetspot Intelligence and Sweetspot Reports, topping them off with a solid workflow and governance layer that results in three unparalleled value propositions:

  • Every agency client (“Managed Client”) is granted direct access to their own campaign performance metrics – a collection of KPIs and charts bearing the agency’s know-how and personality
  • Agency account managers are provided with consistent, yet unique, client-specific environments for the follow-up and exchange of ideas around past and future campaigns
  • New agency clients are onboarded without delay and with increasing cost efficiency. AMAs enable cross-portfolio client information delivery in full alignment with the best practices and know-how that these customers appreciate in their own media buying and strategic partnerships
  • The entire account is white-labeled to maximize its value-added potential

Agency Master Accounts (AMA) are Sweetspot’s answer to the new needs of marketing agencies and digital communications specialists. They offer:

  • A single source of truth shared by brands, agencies and media
  • An open communication channel with each and every customer that paves the way for fruitful collaboration and shared insights

Specs at a glance

Sweetspot AMA - Specs at a glance

*DCX (Data Consumer Experiences)
Includes: State-of-the-art visualizations, Mobile apps, Digital Insight Management™, Flags, Goals & Alerts, Sweetspot Curtains™, Forecasting, Timeline, Voice commands (Alexa) & Dynamic filtering.

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