The Ultimate Media Dashboard

Sweetspot will save you invaluable time accessing and sharing your key metrics from wherever you are, allowing you to focus on audience management, content distribution or paywall optimization.

Find unique insights by integrating external and internal data

Combining data from various ad servers as well as internally collected data will allow you to not only find compelling data correlations, but also to ensure data quality. Data governance is essential in ensuring you have access to the information you need to make quality decisions, and creating a culture where team members feel secure in doing so.

Integrate data from any channel

The incredible speed with which the media industry is evolving means that every day there are new platforms and channels available for content distribution. Likewise, audiences continue to diversify. With Sweetspot, you’ll never miss opportunities to gain insights from audience behavior as our expansive range of natively integrated digital and offline data connections give you access to all your marketing performance data.

The Ultimate Media Dashboard

Top Media Data Sources

adobe analytics
Google Analytics
Google Sheets

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