[Webcast] The Trust Factor: How to Overcome the Biggest Data Challenge

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trust factor video

Do you question the credibility and quality of your data?

A recent study showed that only 14% of marketers trust their data enough to make decisions based on it. Many would ask; why do marketers even bother gathering data if it remains so untrustworthy?

It does not have to be this way. What is most often missing are the right approaches, processes and tools to make data more accurate and trustworthy.

Join data and analytics expert Judah Phillips, Founder of data consulting company SmartCurrent, author of several foundational books about Analytics, and professor of analytics at the graduate schools of Babson College and Boston University, as he discusses how to deliver data trustworthy enough to be actionable.

Judah explores both proactive and reactive approaches to data auditing, tag corrections and performance reporting; as well as sharing secrets on how to instill his data quality best practices into your organization.

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