[Webcast] Create Your Own Custom Social Engagement Rate – A How To

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webcast video create your own custom engagement rate - how to

Do your social media reports accurately demonstrate your achievement of marketing goals? Are you or your stakeholders frustrated that your “likes” and “followers” haven’t translated to new business or ROI?

Join the analytics and reporting experts from Sweetspot and MaassMedia for “Create Your Our Custom Social Engagement Rate – A How To”, to learn:

  • How to assign weights to engagements, based on platform-specific metrics (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) – (considering examples from Facebook)
  • Which out-of-the-box social metrics are important or irrelevant, industry by industry
  • If/when you should aggregate performance metrics across social channels
  • How a custom social engagement rate can help you more accurately translate social metrics into business impact

Panelists include:

  • Sergio Maldonado, CEO, Sweetspot
  • Lynette Chen, Senior Analytics Consultant, MaassMedia

With Moderator

  • Alisa Gross, Senior Marketing Coordinator, MaassMedia

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