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The field of digital measurement and analysis has undergone a profound transformation in the past five years. What was once a “nice to have” for business owners who wanted to keep track of their online marketing investments, has now become a top-five leadership initiative within the global Enterprise. Thanks to a combination of factors — the explosion of social media as a marketing channel, the advent of so called “big data” and consequently the rise of the data scientist, and as well as, most notably, the continued shift in towards consumer dependence on digital information in the buying process — the need for high-quality digital analytics is continually growing.

This white paper, explores the inherent challenges associated with building a world-class digital intelligence and optimization organization. The observations herein are drawn from a combination of client work performed by Web Analytics Demystified, our experience working with many of the most sophisticated and respected businesses in the world, and the direct experience of a handful of Sweetspot Intelligence customers.

About the author…

Eric T. Peterson is author of Web Analytics Demystified, Web Site Measurement Hacks and The Big Book of Key Performance Indicators and is a long-time member of the web analytics community. He frequently presents on web analytics and is often cited in articles about digital measurement.

In the past Mr. Peterson has worked with well-known brands such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco, Best Buy, Disney, LEGO, CBS and CBS News, and ESPN. More recently, Mr. Peterson has founded The Analysis Exchange, a completely new way to gain experience with digital measurement.

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