Sweetspot Insight Management™

Sweetspot was born with the mission to turn Big Data into Useful Data

Sergio Maldonado was enjoying the ride running Divisadero, a 50-strong Digital Analytics consultancy in Spain and South America, when he realized something was inherently wrong with the way organizations consume and draw insights from data.

“We would spend hours crunching the numbers, digging for insights and reporting on them to eventually discover that few people were actually acting on that data. Everybody wants to embrace the power of analytics, but nobody is mentally prepared to be held accountable or forced to act against a predefined plan.”

After playing around with multiple alternatives for the delivery of ad hoc reports, scorecards and dashboards, as well as revisiting various schools of thought around decision-support systems, Mr. Maldonado realized an artificial barrier had been erected between highly-compatible information delivery vehicles. He decided to leave the consulting business and design a dream solution for data consumers. Sweetspot was born with the mission to turn Big Data into Useful Data.

Five years on, Sweetspot has now found its niche in the crowded cloud-based Business Intelligence landscape as a workflow-powered dashboard software (or Insight Management tool) that goes where nobody else had dared before.

“Imagine that your brand coverage is suffering in a particular region and you start to feel its impact on sales. Besides automating this update in a simple manner, Sweetspot will let anybody drag users or entire departments into a collaborative mission to correct that pattern, and monitor the impact of this against the metrics affected”

Various Fortune 500 companies have been quick to jump on the Insight Management bandwagon, Procter & Gamble, Red Bull, The Boston Globe and Philips.

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