2018 Sweetspot highlights and key takeaways


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With 2018 officially behind us, it’s time to take stock of the year for the enterprise digital dashboarding community. What a year it has been! We’re excited to release a retrospective list, providing a handful of topics and tips we have discussed on the Sweetspot blog. 2019 here we come!

Data visualizations & Dashboarding

With our suggestions on spider charts, pie charts vs. bar graphs, clear and concise data visualizations, you’ll be able to pay full attention to well-designed dashboards and get rid of the reporting headache.

It’s common that you have a hard time getting your team engaged with reporting. We believe that there are 4 key milestones on the path to achieving this: Awareness, Adoption, Action and Improvement. 
Our team has revealed how you can achieve success when rolling out a new reporting solution across your organization.

Have you ever suffered from long-hours and pain-staking frustration that comes from manual reporting? Take a look at our new video case study to learn how Boston Globe Media has overcome their reporting struggles by rolling out 225 marketing dashboards in two weeks. Discover the full case study here!


Your data has a story to tell. Any dashboard without this context would be incomplete. We wanted to help you discover how to give it a voice and complement it with a compelling context in our guide, Dashboard Harmony: How to use data storytelling to deliver actionable reports. In this paper, co-written by the analytics gurus at MaassMedia, we have outlined a few essential tips on how to get to know your audience, and the most effective techniques to convey your message for data storytelling success.

If you are interested in checking out the excerpt we have chosen for you, give a read to the do’s and don’ts of delivering actionable data stories.

Enterprise Reporting

It has been proven that Enterprise Reporting can have a significant positive impact on organizations. Aside from saving time, creating efficiencies, and enabling improved resource allocation, it also facilitates an ongoing learning process for better decision making across time.

We have created this paper as a guide to successfully maneuver the stages involved in executing not only the design and development of a solution but also of complementary decision making processes. Find our recommendations for navigating the process at each stage of the journey, from inception to action. They are based on our experience over a decade of working with Fortune 500 Organizations.

Growing Certified Partner Program

Last autumn, we were proud to welcome Digital Transformation experts, The Gomel Group, to our Certified Partner Program. The Gomel Group is a North-Texas based consultancy, focusing on assisting c-suite executives in the adoption of new strategies and technologies to meet their performance goals. You can find Greg Gomel’s (CEO) thoughts on competitive advantage and more details about our partnership in the original announcement.

What challenges will 2019 bring?

Machine Learning

Is Machine Learning a temporary trend or is it here to stay? It’s undeniable that it has taken the digital world by storm. However, there has been so much hype that it has become hard to decide whether certain “AI-powered” labels could be real breakthroughs with impact on our day-to-day lives.

We certainly believe that Sweetspot’s Predictions, Automated Insights, and Smart API Calls have earned this label in their own right. Discover different options and more about our ML-powered features!

Privacy and GDPR

Protection of personal information and online security are growing demands for all consumers, and marketing leaders must accommodate this development. Without any doubts, the 2018 rollout of the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU has been a huge step towards that.

In The Digital Analyst’s guide to surviving GDPR guides, former lawyer and founder of Sweetspot, PrivacyCloud and Divisadero, Sergio Maldonado, shares expert advice on privacy compliance and guides digital analysts through everything they need to know about implementing the GDPR in their respective organizations. Get your free copy!

Why would GDPR apply to dashboards or enterprise reporting environments? Do marketing dashboards have a GDPR problem too? Here’s a quick, easy-to-digest summary of many exchanges we have had in private with customers, Data Protection Officers, and lawyers.


Many thanks to our loyal readers for being part of our community. What are your takeaways from 2018? Which topics would you like us to cover in 2019? Let us know, and we’ll be happy to dig deeper and exchange ideas!

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