Break the silence: How to give your marketing dashboard a voice


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Have you ever had a dream where you’re speaking, but no one can understand you? Imagine you’re surrounded by people, but the more you attempt to interact the more distant they seem. As if your words aren’t being heard and everything you do to try to get their attention goes unnoticed — almost like you’re invisible. All you get back are blank stares as everyone you try to engage with passes you by…

Now, imagine you’re an analyst who has spent countless hours compiling data for your marketing team and senior stakeholders. You run the numbers, display them in neat and organized charts, and you highlight key takeaways. Sadly, no one seems to notice, and that next week, despite all of your efforts, they make a decision that goes against everything the data is telling them to do.

You start to wonder if anyone is even listening…

So what can you do to make sure your efforts don’t go unnoticed and to get your team to pay attention to their performance data in order to start making wiser, data-backed decisions? See our top tips to give you and your data a voice that can’t be silenced:

Set your target

What is your team working towards and what is the timeline in which they hope to reach their goal? Sometimes it is as simple as clearly defining and displaying an objective, as well as progress towards the objective that can help put data into perspective and make it easier to consume. Rather than just reading a report, data consumers can get a better sense of their current standings and start to plan for how they can meet their strategic goals.

Predict the future

So, what’s going to happen if those targets aren’t met? If stakeholders receive notice that they’re completely off track, wouldn’t they want to do something about it? Apply predictive algorithms to your top KPIs, such as the Autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) in order to give stakeholders a glimpse into the future. After all, dreary outcomes aren’t going to look so good in the boardroom.

Give em’ the headlines

Depending on who your audience is, they’ll require different metrics, for example, a CMO would need a clear set of KPIs that quickly indicate performance across all channels, whereas a social media marketer would be better off with a more granular report that dives into each channel. Regardless, sometimes what people really want are just the headlines — so give it to them!

Make the most important takeaways stand out above the rest. Use bold text and include quick, digestible facts to transmit essential insights. This is helpful for stakeholders on the go or to be used as an attention grabber that will convince the data consumer to investigate further into their dashboard. Focus on the important facts and avoid diluting them with useless information. You should aim is to answer “how are we are performing?” in the context of your audience’s role.

Tell a story

Provide further context by telling data stories that explain how we are performing and why. Elaborate on key takeaways in order to support insights and effectively communicate information in an easy-to-understand format. Storytelling allows analysts to use their numerical skills to explain phenomenon and patterns in data by transmitting ideas to stakeholders who can use them to make more strategic plans.

Let your data speak for itself

If after all of that, you still feel unheard, let the data speak! Innovative new features such as Sweetspot’s Automated Insights, allow for marketing dashboards to automatically generate conclusions based on historical data and/or objectives set. This information is clearly displayed within each dashboard to allow data consumers to quickly and easily find the insights they’re looking for.

Trying to find your voice can be scary, and it’s even worse when you feel unheard. Make your reports unforgettable and help your team reach their full potential by providing insightful dashboards that could never go unnoticed.

We’d love to hear how you’ve broken the silence! Share your stories on how you’ve given your reports a voice.

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