The Gomel Group Joins Sweetspot’s Certified Partner Program


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Sweetspot is proud to welcome Digital Transformation experts, The Gomel Group, to our Certified Partner Program. The Gomel Group is a North-Texas based consultancy, focused on assisting c-suite executives to adopt new strategies and technologies to meet their performance goals.

As partners, Sweetspot and The Gomel Group will join forces to help business stakeholders translate their data into useful information that can be used to optimize decision-making processes. By delivering a unified view of performance data and tying it to strategic goals, we’re able to help organizations answer their most critical performance-based questions to build their marketing strategy and allocate resources effectively.

As marketing technologies advance and innovations and opportunities arise, it is vital to approach the implementation process thoughtfully and carefully adapt to different team personas. The Gomel Group has a long-standing reputation for effective Organizational Change Management, which helps them to empathetically and intelligently lead organizations through the implementation and adoption of new technologies.

“We’ve often heard that change is the only constant, and that’s becoming even truer every day.  If you’re not able to quickly make sense of the information about your organization and use it to guide your decisions, someone else will.  Using Sweetspot to give you a competitive advantage is the best way to stay relevant in an ever-changing world.”

Greg Gomel, CEO

We look forward to working together to help organizations make wiser-decisions around their data to optimize marketing and business performance.

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