Video Case Study: How The Boston Globe Rolled Out 225 Marketing Dashboards in Two Weeks


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If you’ve ever experienced the long-hours and pain-staking frustration that comes from manual reporting, you understand just how difficult it can be. Throw in some old-school spreadsheet design, and you’re also facing the risk of disengaged data consumers, who may or may not understand all the metrics they’re receiving. Now, times that by over two hundred reports…

For Boston Globe Media this was just part of their reporting headache. In addition to a disproportionate amount of manual labor required, Boston Globe Media faced a number of challenges when it came to successfully defining a reporting system that would allow them to distribute data to all partners effectively. This, in turn, prevented optimization of data-backed decisions for the improvement of ad performance.

“The biggest issue we used to have was visualizing our data. For our customers, half of the battle is displaying the information in a way which makes sense and is digestible. A simple spreadsheet showing key metrics was leaving us with a difficult story to tell and disengaged clients.”

Andrew Grillo, The Boston Globe

See our new video case study to learn how Boston Globe Media overcame their reporting struggles to roll out 225 marketing dashboards in two weeks flat:

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