Privacy mindfulness for Digital Analysts, Marketers, and Cookie easyriders


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GDPR compliance cheat sheet

The time has come. For many months we all waited for further guidance and some generally accepted practices of those in our specific areas of work. But, as we kept watching each other closely, nobody really wanted to jump first.

Then came the webinars and GDPR guides. Thousands of them. I would dare say we have one per Marketing Technology vendor in Scott Brinker’s landscape. And they all stopped short of going into the very specifics that made all the difference because it was not yet defined. And it was risky. But managing risk is what this is all about.

This was never about GDPR compliance nirvana, but rather about the journey. And this is what we hope to offer you today: a practical path to privacy mindfulness that will equally handle the most important piece of legislation still affecting a cookie-powered world: ePrivacy (today, a Directive; tomorrow, a Regulation).

The title may sound somewhat provocative, but it perfectly conveys what we mean: Digital Analysts and those around them need a path that does not hide complexity and a way to handle tons of well-intentioned guidance coming at them from all sides.

Without further ado, here’s a Guide to Surviving GDPR Guides for Digital Analysts. We really hope you can get some practical value out of it.

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Sergio Maldonado

Founder & Chairman at Sweetspot. Author, speaker on analytics, marketing technology, privacy compliance. JD, LLM (Internet law). Once a dually-admitted lawyer. Father of three. I love surfing and cooking.

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