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As 2017 comes to a close, we’d like to take a look back at some of the most memorable lessons we’ve learned and shared on the Sweetspot blog this year:

Social Media Marketing in 2017

Unveil the secrets to successful marketing on mainstream social media networks including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat & Instagram in our 2017 Practical Guide to social media marketing. This paper includes up-to-date information on the features available within each channel, proven best practices, and available metrics. Get your free copy!

These channels, however, aren’t the only place to build your brand and create meaningful relationships with your target audience. Therefore we’ve been exploring alternative channels such as Reddit, Google+, Meetup, as well as some international channels to find some unique strategies that you won’t want to miss!

No matter how you market on your social media channels, be sure to measure your results in order to determine the true ROI of your social efforts and to make wiser, data-backed decisions moving forward. In collaboration with our partners, and analytics pioneers, at MaassMedia, we set out to find the formula for creating your very own custom social engagement rate. We hope it’ll be helpful for you to determine accurate return on investment. See our joint webinar for a full recap.

Enterprise Reporting Projects

How can you successfully initiate, plan and execute an enterprise reporting project? Implementing an organization-wide reporting project can be an incredibly complex task. Therefore, we spoke with clients and prospects to find out the things they wish they would have known before getting started. You may be surprised by some of their answers, which range from determining the understanding and abilities of different roles and backgrounds, as well as the daunting realization that sometimes the last 20% may be harder to complete than the first 80%…

Don’t fret, however! As challenging as enterprise reporting projects may be, the payoff is invaluable once they’re in place. Sweetspot has broken down the 5 stages of deployment in order to help you get started.

Already have a dashboard in place, but struggling to use it to interpret the insights you had hoped to find? Try the 5-minute test and check our tips to successfully build an effective reporting structure.

Dashboarding & Storytelling

Build insightful dashboards with the help of our team’s KPI suggestions for event marketing, email marketing, operations and must-have marketing metrics. No dashboard is complete, however, without the context and insights storytelling can provide. See our 5 rules for data-driven storytelling success to make sure you’re sharing the most actionable stories on your dashboard.   

What does the future hold?


What does GDPR mean for Marketing Data Technologies (MarDaTech)? Sergio Maldonado, Sweetspot CEO, shares his predictions on the possible implications of what is sure to be a bloody battle. Will this mean the end of adtech and the rise of CustTech? Or will middleware software act as data brokers? Only time will tell.

While GDPR is fresh on MarTech developer’s minds, marketers are still pushing ahead and building impeccable MarTech Stacks. With the help of Ghostery, we surveyed Fortune 100 organizations to find out how they are building their enterprise stacks. According to our sample study, companies have an average of 12.6 MarTech tools, 7.87 of which are used for advertising purposes. Interesting enough, retail soars above the average tool count with an average of 17 tools per company, the highest of any industry, while the energy and oil industry came in with the lowest tool count. See the full infographic for more information.

Customer Journey

While we can drive ourselves crazy with the promise of a full customer journey, when it really comes down to it, influencing the intricacies of the customer journey may be out of our hands. What we, as marketers, can control is the brand journey. This involves making sure we are present at every stage of the customers potential decision-making journey. In an effort to replace the traditional marketing funnel with a more realistic view, Sergio Maldonado has shared a snapshot of the Journey Distribution flow which strives to help you find gaps in your marketing strategies, allocate resources effectively, and measure the real impact of marketing investments.


Thank you to all of our loyal readers for following along and learning with us. What would you like to learn more about in 2018? Share your suggestions with us!

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Sergio Maldonado

Founder & Chairman at Sweetspot. Author, speaker on analytics, marketing technology, privacy compliance. JD, LLM (Internet law). Once a dually-admitted lawyer. Father of three. I love surfing and cooking.

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