[Infographic] MarTech: The Enterprise Stack


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Want to know how your enterprise MarTech stack compares? We’re all familiar with the ever growing and chaotic nature of the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic. This Supergraphic boasts substantial increases in vendors and new technologies year on year, clocking in with almost 5000 tools in 2017 — an annual increase of 39% from last year alone. However, what the Supergraphic doesn’t tell us is how Marketing Technology is really received and what portion of the stack Enterprise marketers are investing most heavily in.

We surveyed the Fortune 100 with a little help from Ghostery, to understand how Enterprise marketers build their stack. Find out where marketers are spending their budget, which industries are leading the MarTech revolution, and the type of tools most commonly employed in our MarTech: The Enterprise Stack Infographic:

The MarTech Enterprise Stack Infographic

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