The Pocket Guide to Digital Intelligence


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Brand Management is increasingly complex in the digital world. As the number of customer touch points available to us increases exponentially, traditional applications of advertising, sales, brand management and customer experience strategies are also evolving. Additionally, access to Big Data, and the challenges that this in itself brings, compounds the manifold uncertainties marketing and digital transformation leaders face.  

In this guide, Sergio Maldonado applies his vast consulting experience and ideas shared by industry thought leaders in order to explore the various facets of Digital Intelligence. This discipline, as summarised by Sergio, encompasses the “unique challenges presented by digital intelligence and the efforts geared towards deriving business value from such data.”

What will you learn about in The Pocket Guide to Digital Intelligence?

Part A: The Why, The How And The Who
A) The Role Of Data In The Digital Space
B) Classifying Decision-support Environments
C) Four Layers, One Quadrant
D) The Human Factor
E) Omnichannel Dilemmas
F) The Power Of Statistics

Part B: The What
A) How Legal And Social Compliance Shape The Playing Field
B) A New, Customer-led World Order
C) Marketing Objectives For A Digital World
D) Measuring Digital Transformation

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