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What’s in your social media dashboard? Do your metrics clearly demonstrate how your efforts are impacting your strategic objectives? Or do they only leave you guessing?

If you’d like to improve your social media reports in order to get real insights on the effectiveness of your social channels, be sure to join us on June 15th at 1 PM EST for a practical how-to webinar. We’ll be joined by our partners and analytics gurus at MaassMedia to explore how to define metrics that really matter.

Sweetspot CEO, Sergio Maldonado & MaassMedia Senior Analytics Consultant, Lynette Chen, will be diving deep and sharing examples on how to:

  • Tie your business objectives to your social initiatives
  • Assign weights and measure engagements based on platform-specific metrics
  • Differentiate between vanity metrics and relevant, objective-focused metrics
  • Aggregate performance metrics across social channels

Additionally, by attending the webinar you’ll have the opportunity to win a free 1 hour joint social media consultation where Maass and Sweetspot will work together to analyze your current marketing strategy on two platforms of your choice, as well as give our recommendations for how to strategically measure and report on your social metrics in order to translate them into real business impact.

Ready to get enlightening insights from your social reports? Register for our webinar now!

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Holly McKendry

Sweetspot Marketing Director. Wakeboarder & travel enthusiast. Communication Studies graduate of Texas State University, San Marcos.

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