The Modern Marketer’s Guide to Social Media Marketing


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The State of Social Media Marketing

Digital marketers can tell you first hand just how quickly their strategies are forced to change. In the last few years especially, they’ve most likely had a go at native advertising, content marketing, email marketing and of course, social media marketing.  

Social media marketing provides a unique playing field for marketers to truly engage with potential customers and wide audiences, but how many marketers consider it to be a vital part of their marketing strategy? According to the Salesforce annual “State of Marketing” report, 82% of the marketers surveyed agreed that social media marketing is core to their business.

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Not only that, but 39% declared that Social Media Marketing generates significant ROI. That’s an increase of 30% from last year alone. It’s undeniable that social platforms have come to be a proven staple in most major marketing teams.

social media roi report

Social media marketing, however, can be tricky if not approached correctly. Each individual channel serves a unique purpose, allowing marketers to engage with and discover new audiences, as well as to interact with them in a creative and meaningful way.

In our new social media series, we’ll be meticulously exploring various social media channels. We’ll be reporting the best practices for each channel in order to obtain the highest level of engagement and ROI possible.

If you’re not entirely familiar with certain channels, how to get started, or how to connect with your audience on them, keep an eye out for our posts. We’ll even being dabbling in which metrics to use to measure engagement and ROI within each channel.

Social Networks on the rise

Have you ever wondered just what is it about social media channels that is so enticing for users? As mentioned before, each channel provides a unique experience to users, but what is the real lure of social media?

Social media platforms cater to audiences of all demographics. They allow friends, families and brands to connect, share content, and ultimately they feed our strong desire for entertainment. A study by The University of Chicago Booth found that when choosing between an ice cold beer or twitter, the majority of the participants preferred to check their newsfeed.

Major Players

Most of us are no stranger to Facebook, which has been dominating the scene for many years. There are, however, many lesser known platforms on the rise that marketers may want to take part in.

In our upcoming series you should expect an overview of the major players such as those seen below. Join us to explore new channels that may help you reach and engage with your target audience in a way you had never considered.

social media leader chart

Our series launch is just around the corner, but before we get started, let us know which platforms you’re most curious about!


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