Water and wine: How your marketing dashboard did away with both


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glass of water and glass of wine

The minute you threw away the power of unfiltered, undiluted data for subsequent, deeper analysis;

The second you decided that data had to be normalized to death if it was to bring any value, regardless of the palate that would eventually consume it;

The moment you chose to “bring it all together” under a single cask, a single roof, a single data model…

Something died.

In some cases it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In others a serious investment of time and money.

Would you stop the natural flow of pure, refreshing water to dump it in a sublime cask of deep and inspiring wine? Would you impose aging and maturity on an element that was born in eternal motion?  

Why lay both to waste when they are naturally born to meet at the table, in their best possible form and container. At the very place where human consumption takes place (prior to subsequent, joint digestion).

Do not destroy the value of your data for the illusion of full control and never-ending causality. There is no such thing in an uncertain world, even less so in the marketing space.

Embrace Decision-Support Systems in a way that respects the many other possible uses of marketing data. Aggregate data is a good thing and something that you have always been doing for a reason. And yes, there is immense power in correlations.

Stubborn integration brought us cheeseburger crackers, white bean ice-cream and choco tacos.

Do not add watery wine to that list.

And, yes, I could be more specific: 🙂


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Sergio Maldonado

Founder & Chairman at Sweetspot. Author, speaker on analytics, marketing technology, privacy compliance. JD, LLM (Internet law). Once a dually-admitted lawyer. Father of three. I love surfing and cooking.

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