The Sweetspot + Adobe Analytics Advantage


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Sweetspot plus Adobe Analytics

Adobe Summit EMEA is just around the corner! As an attendee you can expect to have an exceptional experience, jam-packed with learning and networking opportunities. However, after four years of sponsoring the Adobe Summit, our hope is for you to return to your office with more than just newly learned skills. We want you to return with something that will give your performance management a real edge.

Therefore, for one month only, we’re inviting Adobe Analytics users to enjoy a free Sweetspot dashboard populated with their own Adobe Analytics data!

You may be wondering what distinguishes Sweetspot from other dashboard solutions, right? It’s not just the supreme level of flexibility in defining compound metrics, cross-source charts, or when creating and applying segments and filters. It’s also how our Insight Management features make collaborating and acting on data simpler than ever. In fact, we’ve highlighted some of the advantages below, but nothing beats first-hand experience, so we encourage you to take us up on our offer and try it for yourself.

The Sweetspot + Adobe Analytics Advantage:


Effortlessly manage compound metrics, charts and reports across a large number of Reporting Suites. Corporal Panel Templates allow you to define KPI libraries once and quickly instantiate these… for as many instances of Segments or Report Suites as required.

Data Governance:

Users receive all the data (and only the data) they need in a beautiful mobile-first environment that becomes a powerful communication channel. Cascading KPI relationships between different dashboards reflect the reporting structures of the large organization and enable an extreme focus on performance.


Insight Management and Storytelling features ensure that data is actually put to good use and insights are followed up on. Specifically: KPI level timelines incorporate Insights, actions, events and milestones, showing their impact on performance against goals, benchmarks, or forecasts.

A flagging system provides a quick way for data consumers to prioritize tasks in the Analysts’ queue.


Sweetspot is not just about Digital Analytics. In fact, it is not just bout Owned, Earned, and Paid media. The direct impact of marketing actions on sales is reflected through CRM data integrations, while non-social brand equity performance is easily correlated with market research metrics.

KPI status is shared across collaborative or task management platforms (such as slack or Jira) effortlessly spreading data and insights throughout multiple internal processes.

In other words, Adobe data reaches higher within the organization thanks to Sweetspot.

What does your free account include?

Unlike traditional BI tools, your dashboard will be ready in a few short minutes! To get your free dashboard trial, simply fill in the signup form linked below and you’ll be directed to connect your Adobe Analytics account. Once connected, A pre-built Sweetspot template will be populated with your data.

Once you have your dashboard, take it for a spin! Explore the reporting interface where you’ll have the opportunity to create goals and alerts, start conversations around your data, export your report, or personalize your dashboard view.

Sweetspot interface with a storytelling snipet

Seriously, don’t be shy – dive into the Administration area to further customize your account, connect additional data sources, and build KPIs and charts that match your strategic objectives. This is your dashboard – it should be built specifically to help you & your team collaborate and act around your data.

Sweetspot bar chart created with Adobe Analytics data

As an ISO 27001 certified tool, we adhere to the highest standards of data security and privacy. So you can rest assured that Sweetspot will not save or share your data. If you’re interested in learning more, see our privacy policy or take a look at our white book which outlines the privacy, security and confidentiality safeguards to look out for in Saas tools.

So what are you waiting for? Your free performance dashboard is just a few clicks away!

Sign up for a free Sweetspot account

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