MarTech San Francisco 2016


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San Francisco - Shutterstock 184792412I guess the most surprising thing about the advent of Marketing Technology as a space in its own right is that few people saw it coming, obvious as it now sounds to all of us in the many disciplines that, in one way or another, have been putting technology at the service of marketing for over 10 years.

I do not need to go over the details of this phenomenon, since the one person that can be credited with stronger clairvoyance about it, Scott Brinker, has already done it at length. First in a blog full of insights. Now in a book: Hacking Marketing.

What I do think is worth pointing out is the fact that a Marketing Technology arena has and will put many professionals at a crossroads: Have you really been a “marketer” all along? Perhaps the essence of your “digital marketing” expertise (SEO, Social Media, Digital Analytics, CRO, PPC Manager…) lies in putting software at the service of marketing processes. And this is of course not bad at all, but “reclassifying” oneself takes inner strength.

I believe the same is true for entire teams and businesses of all sizes.

Deciding where our specific micro-disciplines fit (and how we call them) will impact many of the things we do, how our jobs are perceived, how we grow professionally… and who our peers are.

So here comes this event to mess up whatever concept of “your industry” you had and connect you with professionals that you may have perceived as belonging to “parallel universes” until now: the MarTech conference.

I certainly enjoyed the challenge and spirit of its latest London-based edition (MarTech Europe) and have great expectations for this much larger party. It is, needless to say, a natural place for Sweetspot to be: Marketers are the primary beneficiaries of our obsession with data actionability, governance, scalability and reach.

We hope to see you around and will keep one or two surprises up our sleeves to make it worth your visit to the Sweetspot booth (#102).

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Sergio Maldonado

Founder & Chairman at Sweetspot. Author, speaker on analytics, marketing technology, privacy compliance. JD, LLM (Internet law). Once a dually-admitted lawyer. Father of three. I love surfing and cooking.

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