How data democratization impacts performance


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The most prominently displayed article on Harvard Business Review’s latest issue (“Collaborative Overload” by Rob Cross, Reb Rebele and Adam Grant) makes the case for businesses to prioritize “informational” and “social” collaborative resources over those of a “personal” type (the very limited time and energy of specific team members).  

Out-of-control collaboration has indeed taken a toll on productivity. Who is left to get the real work done when all we do is meet, email each other and chat about whatever issues catch our attention every five minutes?

Have our productivity tools and methodologies not kept pace with the immense progress we have made on the collaboration front?

I believe this is it. Take a look at the tools available within your own organization. You will find many in the latter category, but most likely a few outdated alternatives in the former.

It is time to put the focus on performance, and do so in a way that is compatible with the social rules of our times. Compatible with the very collaborative tools that now stretch us in the wrong direction. More transparent. Easier to digest and communicate.

Understanding our performance makes us more productive. Tying specific tasks and collaborative scenarios to their relative impact makes us more productive.

Every team member deserves to know where they stand in the general context of things. Their impact on the business as a whole and the progress made by their collective effort. We must democratize performance data in the same manner that we have democratized contextual information.

Let’s empower our teams with relevant, goal-driven data and, in so doing, give a new meaning to our collaborative efforts.

Happy 2016. May it bring workflow-powered performance dashboards to you all.

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