Tie technology into your marketing strategy: Martech Europe


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Marketers, IT professionals, and Digital executives will be gathering in London next week to discover the latest advances in marketing technology, industry best practices, and implementation tips at Martech Europe. This event is designed for all those who recognize the necessity of tying technology into marketing strategy and who would like to unravel the secrets to a successful digital transformation.  

No matter what stage you may find yourself at, Martech is sure to deliver the right expertise and know-how to help you not only advance, but also to execute your strategy.

A technology stack that fits your needs:

If you’re unfamiliar with Scott Brinker’s Marketing Technology Landscape Infographic, you might be shocked by the ever-growing number of Martech vendors. This year the infographic includes 1,876 vendors divided into 43 categories – more than double the previous year’s count!

Scott Brinker's marketing technology landscape

A bit overwhelming, right? The Martech space is constantly evolving and let’s face it: no one has time to research, test, and evaluate how each tool’s capabilities may optimize their marketing efforts. However, sessions such as ‘The Digital Marketing Cocktail: What is the Right Mix’ will guide you through this crowded space to help you find tools that compliment your vision.

Take advantage of the sessions, speak to the sponsors, get to know the people in the industry who are really making things happen – they will be able to help you determine the right technology stack for your organization.There is yet to exist a one-size fits all marketing solution, but if you can determine the technologies that are capable of meeting your organization’s unique needs, you’re on the right track!

So, if you’re headed to Martech Europe we have a few suggestions to help you implement the concepts you will learn and make the most of your experience there:

Creative collaboration: get ready to make some friends! There is no better way to understand how to tie strategy into technology than hearing from those who are doing it themselves. Go in with an open mind, hear from fellow industry leaders to find out what’s worked for them and don’t be too shy to ask for advice. Inquire about your major doubts, where to get started, and how to get your team onboard. Don’t forget about results! While benchmarks should be taken with a grain of salt (every business has different objectives after all), they can be invaluable in helping you to understand when you may need to look for alternate optimization ideas.

Discover solutions: find out what’s out there! Not only will you have access to key industry players, but you will also have the ability to speak directly to Martech providers. Speak with the exhibitors to find out just what their technology can do for your organization and how their product can be tailored to fit your needs.

The know-how: take it back to the office! If you really take advantage of your time at Martech Europe, you will be skipping back to the office excited to share the knowledge you’ve learnt with your team and ready to implement some ideas. New products and strategies are just the beginning, take your newly gained know-how back with you and create a game plan right for your organization.

It’s time to tie technology into your marketing strategy! Find out how to do just that at Martech Europe. While you’re there, stop by booth 102 to meet the Sweetspot team to see how to take data-driven marketing to the next level. We’ll be happy to share a demo, speak about reporting best practices, and show you how to turn your big data into useful data.

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