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As an agency, it’s highly likely that the pressure is on to demonstrate to clients that your marketing initiatives are not only successful, but that you also comprehend their individuals needs. However, without access to automated systems for compiling data, multiple clients mean multiple hours (or days!) manually reporting and pulling data from various sources. Couldn’t your efforts be more effectively leveraged to optimize your clients’ campaigns if you could save this time and employ it more effectively where it’s really needed?

If you are an agency marketer, listen up! As part of our industry specific data visualization series, we’ll be covering some of the basics to help you choose which charts to deliver in your clients’ next reports.

Before we jump into the data visualizations, however, it is important to note that agencies and enterprise dashboards alike, typically require certain dashboard elements across various clients or brands. The trouble is that most agencies know what they’d like to measure, but they lose time recreating it PPTX or Excel reports over and over again with different client data profiles. Enterprise dashboard functionalities such as the use of Corporate Panel TemplatesTM can provide agencies with a supreme amount of scalability, which enables them to recreate KPIs and charts for multiple clients or dashboards in a flash.

Now without further ado, let’s dive in!

Column chart

If you’re running search ads for your clients, the column chart would be ideal for measuring CPC and conversions side by side. Let your clients know your ads are converting and under budget too! If the CPC is rising or conversions are falling, you’ll need to dive into analysis to understand why in order to improve results and maintain client confidence! Carefully monitoring your budget and success rate will improve client results and help you to build your business.


Funnel Chart

Are your ads successfully converting? Let your client know! The funnel chart is clear and easy for dashboard consumers to digest so it can help agencies and clients alike better understand the customer journey. Furthermore, if you’re running ads on multiple servers, funnels can be used to compare the results between them to see how well your ads are converting by server and help you to create the most effective advertising mix.

agency funnel chart

Line Chart

How is your client’s audience connecting with the brand? Use a line chart to let them know where (mobile, device, tablet) or even through which mediums (social, email, search) they are reaching their audience. Clients and agencies can benefit from this knowledge of the strongest channels, devices, or means of communication available in order to optimize efforts. For example, if you see there is a steady rise in mobile device connections, search and display campaign efforts can be redirected to target these mobile device users more specifically.

agency line graph

Pie Chart

How engaged is your client’s social media fan base? Quickly and easily transmit to your clients where their fans are engaging the most with their brand in a pie chart. This chart can be modified to represent a multitude of metrics as long as you are comparing parts of a whole. So try adapting it to measure branded traffic sources, audience demographics, or budget distribution, to name a few and give your clients the most relevant information.

Agency pie chart


Once you know where the audience is engaging, you should investigate how your clients’ messaging is being received. A table is an excellent visualization to do just that! Let your clients view the sources where positive or negative sentiment is most shared, and the impact of this. This will help them to understand which messages are most positively resonating with their audiences, and unveil what can be improved upon. Tables can also be used to effectively summarize various measures for those more numerically inclined, such as: measuring clicks, CPC, conversions or social network engagement metrics.


Agency marketers we’d love to hear from you! Which charts do you find most useful for delivering your clients stellar performance reports?

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