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The last decade has seen a major shift and evolution in our methods of communication. The international proliferation of social media, disruption of the news industry, increasing internet access and capacity, development of new technologies, and our ever-shrinking attention spans, have seen a movement towards shorter content pieces and a more visual focus. Now an even more disruptive trend is starting to pervade not only our web content consumption, but every part of our daily lives: push notifications.

Push notifications reflect the improving capacity of product and service providers to measure our habits and anticipate our needs. They are also the result of changing behaviour patterns among consumers who now prefer to be delivered what they desire, rather than actively search for it. Call it what you will; consumer laziness, time shortage, smart business planning by providers, or simply the taking advantage of technologies to improve customer experience, it seems this is the future.

Taking it a step further are actionable push notifications that not only inform us of content we may wish to consume, or products or services available to us, but also allow us to act on these at the click of a button.

The movement away from web browsing, to devices and now to wearables is only serving to add fuel to this trend, as these tools, that are never far from us, act as a direct line from provider to consumer.

At Sweetspot, we understand these changing consumer preferences will impact on the way individuals consume information not just in their personal lives, but also at work. We are also aware that while many different content sources, people and tasks demand your attention, you may not have countless hours to spend searching for insights and actions to take in the management of your marketing assets. Based on our experience with clients and their regular feedback, we’ve chosen to adapt our Insight Management system to help you react and take action as quickly as possible.

Not only does our broad mobile device offering allow you to access your dashboards wherever you are, but our actionable push notifications inform you when your expertise is required. Our Insight Management system will now send you automatic actionable email push notifications when:

  • Your indicators don’t reach your desired performance levels
  • You have been allocated a role or asked to take responsibility for the performance of a specific indicator
  • You have been mentioned in a conversation and your input is required
  • You have been asked to take action, or a new priority for decision-making has been set
  • An issue you were responsible for or raised awareness about, has been resolved

Hopefully our advancements in communication systems will enable your team to make better, and quicker, data-based decisions and collaborate more successfully. We also hope that these improvements suit your information consumption needs and respect your valuable time.


Making data readily available and actionable is our mission, and any suggestions on how to make your data more accessible would be greatly welcomed. What is stopping you from acting on your data?


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Megan Wilcock

VP of Business Development for Sweetspot. Responsible for strategic brand development, marketing and business development. BA/BComm graduate from the University of Melbourne. My passion lies in finding creative solutions and encouraging collaboration.

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