10 things dynamic digital marketers do differently


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As organizations adopt data-driven cultures and mature in their digital endeavors, it is vital that the digital marketers behind these initiatives are confidently leading the way. Rise above mediocre marketing performance by taking some tips from the top dynamic digital marketers. Below are 10 things they do differently and you should too:

Create social connections

The positive benefits of embracing social media are endless. Brands have the opportunity to make the online experience more human, to show their personality, improve SEO, engage in multi-directional communication, or even show their humorous side! With so many strong social media platforms, it is now easier to reach target audiences whatever your industry might be.

A common mistake of rookie digital marketers is not knowing your social media channels. Each serves an individual purpose. Align your organization’s strategic objectives with the specific functionality of social networks to use the most appropriate form of content and messaging to reach your target audience.

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Source: Leverage New Age Media

Value interactions

SocialMedia Today recently published surprising stats including the results from a new study conducted by The Northridge Group which found that 33% of people who contacted brands with a customer-service query via social media never got a response. Anyone else see a problem with that? When customers reach out to brands with queries, it’s a prime opportunity to improve their experience and in return gain customer loyalty.

Rather than constantly speaking at the consumer, engage them in conversation and take the opportunity to interact with them and provide value. Their reactions may begin negatively but the way you react can completely turn even the most awkward situations around. But, if you chose to ignore your consumers, don’t be surprised when they start to ignore you as well. Direct tweets or messages may interrupt your day for a moment, but there is a greater potential for engagement in a 140 character response than one might think.

Cultivate consistency

Be creative, push limits, have fun, but never lose touch of what your brand actually stands for. Digital Marketers must know their brand inside and out and consistently project this message across various channels. Matt Mullen suggests taking baby steps and keeping your message simple and consistent as you begin your digital marketing journey.

Experiment, experiment, and then experiment some more

Appreciate how diverse your audience is and try your best to speak to their needs by constantly testing your content. Multivariate or A/B testing allows marketers to play around with different variations of emails or advertisements to get their message across in a manner that speaks to customers. Testing is an ongoing process, so even if you think you have found the perfect combination of subject line, heading, design, and call to action, your work isn’t over. Keep testing and creating new content to continually adapt your message to new perspectives, or evolving wishes.

Hit the books, or, LinkedIn Pulse…

Respectfully said, Digital marketing isn’t as cut and dry as some traditional business roles. Processes are constantly changing and new ideas and technologies continuously reshape the positions of those in this field. The best digital marketers are learning oriented and will do their research, read articles, and attend webinars to keep up with the pace and improve their practices.

 “There’s no I in…”

 I know, it’s corny, but undoubtedly true. A great attitude when it comes to working in teams and collaborating across departments is necessary to not only get organizations as a whole on board, but to truly take advantage of digital marketing opportunities. Performance dashboards provide the opportunity to engage multiple profiles in conversations around data to enable strategic decision making.

 Love data

 You can tell data-driven digital marketers apart from the rest, their decisions are clear, and they are confident when taking actions to improve performance in order to meet business objectives. Their reports or dashboards are never more than a click away, they have a sincere appreciation for data, and are motivated by opportunity to optimize their efforts.

 Predict the futuredynamic digital marketers

 Those same data fanatics have the magical ability to predict the future by enabling predictive algorithms in their reports. By employing data on historical trends, predictive algorithms can potentially flag ineffective campaigns, or highlight opportunities for growth.

Make some friends

 Take full advantage of all of the local meetups and digital marketing events you can. While you can always learn and network online, there is still nothing like connecting with fellow industry experts in person to develop professionally. So if only for an hour every once in a while, make a point to stop by local events to get to know similar profiles and bounce some ideas around with them.

 Stay ahead of the game

 Disruptive digital technologies are flooding the marketing space, so stay up-to-date on innovative marketing practices, but look before you leap! Investigate all opportunities to find out if certain approaches are right for your organization. So whether you’d like to play around with location data with beacons, test out real time bidding, or finely tune your display ads with dynamic creative optimization, there are a number of tools emerging to help modernize and better your digital marketing approach.

Digital Marketers, we’d love to hear from you! What do you do differently?

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