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Today our industry specific dataviz series is putting a spotlight on the automotive industry, a leader in creativity, technology, and overall fascinating practices!

 While dashboards delivered to automotive industry employees will greatly depend on the roles they play within their organization; for example the CMO’s dashboard will greatly differ from the CFO’s, we’ve put together a collection of data visualizations generally relevant to those working in this industry. So get ready automotive industry, it’s your turn to get your dashboards in line!

 Scatter Plot

 Anytime you wish to unveil patterns or display a relationship between two social media metrics such as the number of engaged users vs. the percentage of engaged users, try visualizing your data in a scatter plot. This nifty visualization allows dashboard readers to spot trends or outliers without hesitation. A steady and positive correlation is a great sign for social media marketers, as this indicates that your audience is increasingly interacting with your brand.

 automotive industry scatter plot

 Combo Chart

 A strong customer lifetime value is created through brand engagement. By combining the power of lines and bars we are able to visualize just that by comparing engaged users, growth rate and churn rate side-by-side over time. If at anytime the churn rate rises above the growth rates, that’s a serious red flag! Ultimately we want to promote a healthy engagement rate to continuously grow brand popularity and loyalty.

automotive industry combo chart

 Map Chart

 Map charts serve the purpose of helping the data consumer identify where indicators are most prominent. This chart can be particularly powerful when measuring gross profit in the automotive industry. As an international automotive company, we might find a large difference in the production cost vs. sales interesting. This could help us identify zones where our gross profit is highest or lowest, allowing us to strategically plan how to reach or exceed a desired gross profit in specific areas.

automotive industry map chart

 Pie Chart

 Take in the performance of your microsites quickly with a pie chart. While pie charts may not be the best chart for interpreting detailed information, they serve as a viable chart for comparing parts of a whole. We suggest including the actual value alongside the label to make sure the data is accurately represented. A short glance at this chart will tell any automotive CMO exactly which microsites are receiving the most traffic.

automotive industry pie chart

 Bar Graph

The bar graph is a popular alternative to the pie chart and arguably a better visualization for side-by-side comparisons, and is a great tool for comparing source metrics. Some data consumers may prefer pie charts for quick comparisons, but the detail and clarity of bar graphs is second to none. Monitor source traffic to help identify which channel is the most successful, and identify weaker channels to explore additional ways of improving visibility or intrigue. If for example, you’re running dual campaigns on social and PPC, you can test where your message is receiving the greatest engagement to identify your strongest channels.

Automotive Industry bar graph

Automotive professionals it’s your turn! Which data visualizations do you include in your reports to measure your strategic business metrics?

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