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It’s nearly impossible to imagine where we would be today without the Telco industry, a leader in not only innovative business practices, but also the provider of so many options for connecting with each other daily. While this industry continues to grow, dashboards must evolve accordingly to assist its companies in reaching their full potential and discovering under-performing areas.

Join us today as we dive back into our Industry Specific DataViz series with a focus on data visualizations built to best represent key Telco metrics. Soon you’ll be creating dashboards that even Alexander Graham Bell himself would be proud of!

Stacked Bar Chart

Monitor client contract behavior all year round with a stacked bar chart. This concise chart is packed with tons of information, but neat enough to be interpreted in a flash. Categorical data such as contract models can be be stacked and compared overtime to find out their popularity with consumers. If certain months see a spike in favorability of one, cross check your digital channels to make sure these contracts are being effectively communicated to your audience.

Telco Stacked Bar Chart

Combo Chart

Take in the value and shape of data from one easy to interpret visualization. Combination charts give us the best of both worlds, you’re able to represent not only categorical data, but compare this directly to the distribution, or trend of your data, over time. Monitor client behavior by comparing clients gained and lost side-by-side, beneath a trend line to help understand how your overall client count has evolved.

Telco Combo Chart

Line Chart

With a variety of service plans available, track your client’s preferences to find out which model(s) best suit their needs. By visualizing the distribution of services over time, it is easy to spot plans that are lagging in popularity. Line graphs help us to identify those plans and create a plan-of-action to turn your efforts around. Check how each plan is being marketed, what might make one more or less appealing than the others? Consider how to attract prospective clients to ‘Premium’ or ‘Advanced’ plans by extending your reach through digital channels, or be decisive when the data is telling you that these service plans just aren’t attractive to consumers and should be made redundant.

Telco Line Chart

Spider Chart

The spider chart is a brilliant graph for visualizing multiple variables across various dimensions! It may look a bit wacky, but it is a powerful tool for representing multivariate data, which is why we see it repeatedly in Telco dashboards. Compare the success of your application downloads with your customer’s system of choice. If the number of Android and iPhone customers is similar, but there are many more downloads in one system than the other this should be addressed.

Telco Spider Chart

Funnel Chart

Let funnel charts guide you through the customer journey from start to finish in order to analyze purchase behavior. Where are they dropping off? If you find that a bulk of prospective customers are falling out of the funnel at a certain landing page, such as, ‘Confirmation’, it’s time to readdress the clarity and functionality of this page. If you, however, find that prospective customers are exiting much earlier in the process, at the ‘Product Detail’ page, then test how you’re communicating and visualizing your products to make your landing page as informative and attractive as possible to anyone viewing it.

Telco Funnel Chart

Telco professionals, we’d love to hear from you! Which data visualizations do you use to represent key industry metrics?

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