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It seems that there is never enough time in the day. As we all have the same 24 hours, how is it possible that some people achieve so much more during the same amount of time as others? The answer lies in effective time management and fluid workflow.

The highest achievers are able to manage their time exceptionally well. By using time-management techniques, you can improve your ability to function on a higher level of efficiency, even in moments of stress and when pressures are high. This can be a problem at any level of the enterprise hierarchy. It can be a crucial factor from the very top CEOs to someone working as a Trainee. Do not underestimate the power of an excellent workflow. Making the shift towards this, however, requires much more than a mid-term corporate investment of a simple email to the whole organization trying to change current “best practice”.

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Good time management requires a significant shift in focus from activities to performanceBeing busy is not the same as being effective. Ironically, the opposite is often closer to the ugly truth. This article presents some key points of the countless pros of improving workflow process.

Have you heard about Meetnapping? Perhaps not, but it is very likely that you have fallen victim to this phenomenon more than once. If you are smiling right now thinking that in your company this era is over, you are a lucky one. But if you must shamefully admit that you and your colleagues are involved in this time-wasting activity, keep on reading.

According to the Collins Dictionary`s new word suggestion, Meetnapping is that ridiculous tendency to kidnap a colleague by forcing him or her to attend a useless meeting.

Executives trapped in a meeting

Do you like being meetnapped? No, of course you don’t. Moreover, it is totally counterproductive, both for you as a manager and for the company as a whole. Not kidding, it is a serious threat to organizations.

Collaboration is essential to businesses, but not at this price.

The challenge:

Inter-departmental communication will be impactful only when it is supported by high-standard infrastructural facilities. That’s why Insights management features are constantly evaluated and improved in the light of their efficiency and performance.

In the case that your office is on high alert for meetnapping, let’s call for an end of this trend. Appropriate workflow kills the infamous paper trail and saves you precious time previously spent attending meetings or sending emails with huge groups of colleagues in copy.

In large companies numerous unrelated active workflows are likely to cause problems with their monitoring and control. Sweetspot Insights management features incorporated to your Dashboard will help you to save your time and have uninterrupted control. Sweetspot offers a highly effective workflow platform to encourage team collaboration: by managing your KPIs and goals you will be able to save significant time that will generate market advantage and you will be able to act before your competitors. Persuade your team to participate in the Collaborative Analysis to know and track your KPIs, spot trends and get key insights.

Workflow features enable you to boost your team collaboration. The more fluent the inter-departmental communication is, the greater productivity and efficiency your company will achieve. This type of teamwork 2.0 increases opportunities for advancement, and last but not least, reduces stress. An excellent workflow is the best mode of prevention to avoid missing deadlines and submitting poor quality work. Failing to manage your company’s time effectively can have some very undesirable consequences such as failing to meet deadlines, low employee morale, high levels of stress and at the end of the day, dissatisfied clients.

How you build relationships and interact with staff and managers from other groups greatly affects the cooperation you get from them in moments when you need it. Effective communication plays a huge part in developing an assertive, respectful approach to working relationships.

Consult our checklist to build strong cross-team communication and collaboration with these strategies:

    • Make sharing information a common practice.
    • Listen and find out about other groups’ needs.
    • Talk about the greater good when working on issues.
    • Bring closure to discussions.
    • Show gratitude.
    • Ensure all projects are objective-based.

Sweetspot’s Insights management features let you work smarter – not harder – so you achieve more in less time.

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Lenke Harmath

Product Marketing, graduated with Marketing and Advertising degree at Budapest Business School, Hungary. Interested in product adoption, social media, UX design and interpersonal communication.

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