You Can’t Rush Reporting, but You Can Report on Rushing: Super Bowl XLIX


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The countdown to the Super Bowl XLIX kickoff is on! While the Patriots’ and Seahawks’ fans fight it out on their social networks, Sweetspot has decided to prepare for this long-anticipated Football extravaganza with our very own Super Bowl Dashboard. After all, what better way to get pumped up for one of the most exciting weekends of the year?  

To get started we wanted to look at the history of the Super Bowl, an event known worldwide as an icon of US culture. As long as I can remember, Super Bowl Sunday has always been treated like a holiday: everyone dresses in their best game day gear, there is as much food, if not more, than at Thanksgiving, and the room is always filled with excitement. Be it the hilarious commercials, the halftime show, or the game itself, there is something for everyone on Super Bowl Sunday!

Sweetspot Superbowl Dashboard

Sweetspot_Super_Bowl_Dashboard.pdf (620 downloads)

The first thing you may notice about the Super Bowl dashboard is our focus on the audience and ad spend. Why? Well, apart from our vested interested in analytics, online marketing and consumer behavior, the Super Bowl has something for everyone – hence the 112.2 million viewers and increased ad spend, up nearly 14 percent from $292.0 million last year. There is no doubt about it: Super Bowl commercials are an advertiser’s dream. If done well, advertisers have the chance to broadcast a compelling story, defining their brand for one of the largest sporting audiences in the world.

Super Bowl KPIs

As we set the stage for the big event, it’s also great to be able to see past statistics of who the top NFL teams have been and where they’ve played. Looking at information such as who has won the most Super Bowl rings, or which states have hosted the big game gives us more insight. For example, neither of the competing teams in this year’s bowl game fall into the top 5 winners stat, however, the Seahawks will be returning to the bowl as last year’s reigning champions!

Top 5 Super Bowl RingsNow that we’ve taken a look at the event itself, it’s time to take an in-depth look at the two teams set to face-off next Sunday: The New England Patriots and The Seattle Seahawks. We decided to not only examine each team’s historical and post season stats, but also their current social media behavior.

Patriots vs. Seahawks Dashboard

Sweetspot_Patriots_vs_Seahawks_Dashboard.pdf (568 downloads)

While the Seahawks may be last year’s winners, the Patriots are no stranger to the big game, having participated in 7 Super Bowls prior to this year.

Patriots and Seahawks Yards


Judging by their total offensive yards gained, we can see that both teams play a strong passing game, however, the Seahawks seem to be more confident in their rushing abilities. In fact, of the total yards gained, the Seahawks rushed the ball 16% more than the Patriots.

Super Bowl 2015   Social Media

It is also evident that both teams play a mean game when it comes to social media. However, the Patriots have almost twice as many followers in total across their social networks as the Seahawks. As a marketer, this interesting metric brings a few questions to mind, such as: is there a certain correlation we could make here based on team history, NFL memberships, or even geographic location that could be influencing their total social media fanbase? Or are these followers a reflection of the teams’ marketing efforts? Questions like these help marketers to search for the context they need to answer important inquiries.

After reviewing each team’s fan base, one thing is clear: Facebook is leading the social media charge with the highest number of followers, indicating that this channel may be gold for all sports teams looking to explore social media marketing avenues.

So there you have it, a Sweetspot performance dashboard built to showcase one of the most important sporting events of the year. I’m sure you, like all of us, will be glued to your TV screen Sunday evening, impatient to see how the two teams battle it out, enjoying the pricey ads, and some entertainment from the halftime show.

Now, just one last question: who will you be rooting for this Sunday?

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Holly McKendry

Sweetspot Marketing Director. Wakeboarder & travel enthusiast. Communication Studies graduate of Texas State University, San Marcos.

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Nathan Easom

This is great! Awesome work. Interesting to see the comparison in rush versus pass yards. (Still sad that the Packers aren’t in this … but there’s always XLX).

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