Meet the 2014 Digital Dashboard Design Competition Jury!


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The race is on to find the perfect industry dashboard. And who better to judge the competition than a panel of prominent industry leaders? Our panel is comprised of some of the analytics experts from our “What’s in your dashboard?” series, as well as the CEO of Sweetspot Intelligence, Sergio Maldonado.

Our D3C judges have extensive backgrounds in the world of analytics, and also a proven track record of being innovative leaders. They are all well known for their strong involvement in digital marketing across multiple industries, which will allow them to carefully evaluate dashboard designs from every sector.

We’ve asked our jury to assess each design based on three crucial features:

  • Usefulness: Does it really save time for the chosen stakeholder/s when it comes to doing their job? Is it truly focused on performance?
  • Clarity: Is it self-explanatory? Can it be digested at a glance, without hidden complexities?
  • Insight delivery capabilities: Does it make room for team collaboration? Can it incorporate actionable insights?

We are very excited to see the sorts of dashboards you come up with. Keeping in mind that we are looking for great industry dashboards that could be proudly presented to Fortune 1000 stakeholders, the experience of our jurors will be crucial in determining the best dashboards.

Without further adieu, we’d like to introduce you to the 2014 Digital Dashboard Design Contest Jurors:

D3C Judge

Stéphane Hamel
Director of Innovation
Cardinal Path

D3C Judge

Judah Phillips
Founder and CEO

D3C Judge

Peter O’Neill
Founder & Lead Consultant
L3 Analytics

D3C Judge

Steve Jackson
CEO of Quru Oy

D3C Judge

Sergio Maldonado
CEO of Sweetspot Intelligence

Read our jurors’ full bios here to get deeper insight into their professional careers.

We’re looking forward to working with these talented professionals and sharing their input with all of the D3C contestants and our blog readers!

Best of luck & happy dashboard designing!

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