Dashboard designers, get your sketch books out! Introducing D3C 2014:


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Dashboard designers get ready – Sweetspot is launching the 2014 Digital Dashboard Design Competition on October 1st! This year’s focus is on designing the optimal industry-specific dashboard combining the joint efforts of Earned, Owned, & Paid Media.


Each industry values a few familiar, as well as unique metrics that revolve around aspects most crucial to their business objectives. Furthermore, each industry relies upon a similar group of digital assets to help them reach consumers. Finally, different stakeholders or business profiles will require differing levels of detail and indicators to help them interpret the data to make decisions. Now it’s your job to combine these three factors to create a dashboard effective in allowing marketers to optimize their efforts and see true business impact.

What is the Digital Dashboard Design Competition?

It is a contest designed to test not only your dashboard creation skills, but also your knowledge of paramount industry-specific measurements. Which KPIs do you find to be the most influential in the decision-making process? Or which metrics help you see the outcomes of your marketing efforts and how do you measure them?

Why participate?

Why not! Not only will you have the chance to challenge yourself, you will be able to compete against the industry’s best measure minds and be judged by top digital analytics experts! If that is not motivating enough, we even have a few prizes that might spark your creative side:

  • A Sony Playstation 4
  • Free Sweetspot account for one full year
  • Tremendous exposure at eConsultancy’s Festival of Marketing, on the Sweetspot blog and other media
  • Finally, the winning dashboard will be part of the Sweetspot template marketplace and bear your name (or branding), giving you or your company exposure to our many clients.

How will your industry-specific dashboard be judged?

Our judges will be scoring your dashboard by evaluating how effectively you showcase your industry-specific metrics, the usability and appearance of your dashboard, and its ability to deliver powerful insights that are critical in decision making. After all, the most important aspect of dashboard design is that not only are the right indicators presented, but that they provide analysts with crucial information that provokes change and optimization in their industry.

How can you sign up?

Sign up here, receive more details, and learn how to submit your design!

Ready to begin?

The contest will begin October 1st and end promptly on November 5th.

And the winner goes to…

The winner of DC3 2014 will be announced November 13th at the Festival of Marketing in London!

Best of luck to all those who enter the 2014 Digital Dashboard Design Competition! Happy dashboard designing!

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Holly McKendry

Sweetspot Marketing Director. Wakeboarder & travel enthusiast. Communication Studies graduate of Texas State University, San Marcos.

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