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For many years now we have been entering new dimensions with data analysis and analytics. The proliferation of tools to help us collect and interpret data, and a changing mindset has seen marketers explore many new areas and ideas. But whilst the growth of technical capacity is exciting, it is the new dimension of understanding that is truly impacting on business outcomes.

The buzz around Big Data and multichannel analysis has settled down to a constant hum as marketers are becoming comfortable with these concepts and more accomplished at implementing them. This level of analytic maturity has led our marketers to turn away from technicalities and come back to what is truly important – finding insights in data that can be acted upon to bring change.

This circling back has brought old ideas into another dimension as concepts such as Insight Management, Action and Business Impact take on new meaning among marketers. The days of purporting to put data to use and not justifying outcomes are long gone, as organizations ask for strong analysis and realistic projections of true business impact. This new culture of data appreciation means that communication of analysis must be clearer than ever.

To this aim we are working closely with internal analysts and agencies to allow them full transparency of their analysis throughout their organization. The valuable insights of those with the greatest access to data and capacity to interpret it should not remain hidden, but be provided to all those with the ability to make decisions that impact on business outcomes.

Telling stories about data brings it to life.

And for those not blessed with strong analytics experience, plain English (or German! This is DMEXCO 🙂 ) explanations are the best way to communicate with decision makers who are able to implement change. A lot of numbers, or a range of charts won’t tell them the causes for, and the context of current performance, or give them recommendations for improving it – that is the job of us analysts!

The ability to provide decision-makers all the data, from all the sources, as well as with all the insights necessary for them to make change is the best way we can enter new dimensions of data-based decision implementation.

Sweetspot DMEXCO details
If you would like some information on Sweetspot’s new Storytelling features that allow you to add your analysis right into your flexible, multi-source marketing dashboard, please stop by our stand in Hall 6 D033 at DMEXCO.

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Megan Wilcock

VP of Business Development for Sweetspot. Responsible for strategic brand development, marketing and business development. BA/BComm graduate from the University of Melbourne. My passion lies in finding creative solutions and encouraging collaboration.

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