Secrets of an Effective Marketing Dashboard in Paris


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Paris was the venue for last week’s Sweetspot “Secrets of an Effective Marketing Dashboard” breakfast event. Some of France’s leading and most prestigious media players, marketing agencies and web analytics consultancies joined us just steps from the Pont Neuf, right in the heart of Paris for an early informal gathering.


The event started with a discussion on the challenges that Digital Marketing Directors are facing today and about some of the obstacles encountered during the implementation of comprehensive reporting strategies.

In a highly interactive and engaging conversation, probing questions were asked on reporting and the Sweetspot team were able to draw on valuable experience with existing clients in order to suggest various solutions. We then ran through a practical example by presenting some sample live dashboards populated with dummy data. Later, the conversation expanded to the vast and complicated marketing technology ecosystem we are currently facing.

Organisations, media, and agencies alike offered examples of their current strategies and we shared our own view of the current marketing dashboard landscape and where Sweetspot fits. The event was illuminating, demonstrating  how companies now truly understand that analytics can no longer be labelled a technical field and be constrained to a group of analysts working in a back room.

Decision makers are now realising the importance of becoming data consumers themselves and truly understanding the impact of internal marketing efforts and external events on performance. The necessity to map actions against objectives and view all data together in context is now acutely evident for managers as well as for analysts.

A massive thank you to all those who joined us for the event! We really enjoyed hearing about all of your experiences in analytics and reporting and hope that you were able to learn as much as we were.

For those who were unable to join us last week in Paris, we look forward to seeing you soon for a Sweetspot Breakfast in your city!

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Sarah McDermott

Sarah is Director of Global Ops at Sweetspot Intelligence. Waterbaby by nature. Language graduate. Key words: Communication and Collaboration!

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