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This is the sixth post in our “What’s in your Dashboard” series, and today we are asking Lars Johansson of Outfox (bio below) to tell us about 3 valuable KPIs that he has been using.


Lars shares his KPIs with us in context. He describes a client case study of VisitSweden, a website aimed at ‘promoting Sweden and strengthening the national brand abroad as well as driving business to the tourism industry’. Lars and his team at Outfox have used dashboards to help VisitSweden benchmark its markets, and chosen KPIs to help their website editors successfully explore the behaviour of the most relevant audience segments.

Lars’ answers

As the focus for this website is essentially to serve the best content possible to its readers, understanding them becomes critical.

VisitSweden had been measuring Engagement, Quality and Conversion in other channels for some time, but as their focus turned more and more towards digital, they needed to reconfigure their definitions for online and present this data in an easily accessible form. Hence, Lars and his team recommended the following definitions for these three critical KPIs:


Formula: share of visits that lead to a click on share buttons and social media links on the website.
Engagement is crucial for differentiating between those who have some form of passive interaction with your brand, and those who are likely to help spread the message. Engagement identifies potential ambassadors.


Formula: share of visits where the visitor has indicated, through an in-page Voice of Customer survey, that she has been able to complete her task on the website.

This helps VisitSweden understand which tasks are difficult to complete, and address those as well as bridge any relevant content gaps.


Formula: share of visits that lead to a click on selected, valuable, outgoing links.
Conversions are vital to the success of VisitSweden in promoting the national brand and tourism industry. Only by understanding how conversions are achieved, and among which reader segments can they be increased.

Lars also emphasizes the importance of setting goals. Without doing so you are shooting in the dark, and working without a clear final strategic objective will most always mean sub-par results. By clearly defining these three valuable KPIs for VisitSweden, and presenting them visually on dashboards, Lars’s team has increased the organization’s ability to act on data, as was best said by David Bustos, Research Coordinator Business Intelligence and Web Analyst, Visit Sweden:

“Instead of spending time just finding the correct data, editors now have time to actually analyze the KPIs.”

Guest bio:

Lars is the founder of two analytics companies, and is a highly skilled analyst. He works across a range of solutions and is especially interested in testing and website optimization. He has been highly active in organizing and speaking at industry events since 2006, across Sweden, USA and Canada. He believes that “successful digital measurement should lead to actionable recommendations and concrete improvements for your website—not just fancy tables and graphs.”

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