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Are you a devoted soccer fan eager to fiercely support your team at the World Cup? If so, you don’t want to be stuck behind a computer screen while your favorite player makes history on the field. At Sweetspot, we completely understand your needs and want to ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible even during the most nail-biting moments of the match. We are happy to introduce our new features that take personalization to the next level, while allowing you to leave the reporting needs to us!

Recurring Goals:

At Sweetspot we attempt to pay close attention to our clients’ smallest wishes, always making sure these are combined with the highest possible flexibility. For this reason you will now be able to set recurring goals for KPIs. This means that your long-term goals will still be there, but you will be quicker to adapt to unforeseen events than ever before. Just set your goals and readjust them as often as you please, and Sweetspot will take care of the rest!

Custom KPI performance icons:

Feel like revamping your KPI status icons and giving them a more personal look? If there is an icon that speaks to your company better than our original defaults, or maybe you just want to add some variety to your dashboard, you now have the ability to do so with our new custom KPI performance icons. Upload the icon of your choice, and view your KPIs the way you’d like to see them! Don’t worry though, we’re keeping our default icons, just in case of a rainy day!

Using XLSX documents as a data source

You’ve asked for it and now we are pleased to announce that you can use XLSX document data directly to build your dashboards. We’ve added XLSX support as a data source so that you can now integrate XLSX documents conveniently, with the same ease as CSV ones.

KPI Aggregation:

Let’s think about this in terms of soccer, what were the total amount of goals this season? What about last season? You can’t rely on your memory, right? At Sweetspot we have a solution for you: our new KPI aggregation tool. While you probably aren’t measuring soccer goals, you do want to keep your business ones accountable, which is why you can now add historical KPIs from the time span of your choice. We have predefined some commonly used intervals, but they’re customizable! So pick the dates, pick the data, and you’re set!

So leave the stress of reporting to us, you’ve got a game or two to watch!

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Víctor Pérez

Degree in Computer Science and product manager at MediaSQ, technology enthusiast and passionate about Web Analytics ecosystem: tools, techniques and methodologies.

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