Latest data source integration: Google Spreadsheet


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As the number of data sources integrated into Sweetspot grows, so does the potential of the solution to provide a comprehensive view of all of your managed objectives.

There are, however, many data sources whose integration and update cannot be fully automated. This is the case for any situation in which the data source does not have an API, typically database information, offline data, CRM data, call centre data, to name but a few. It will also come very handy when a given API does not prove reliable in terms of response times, conformance to its own specification or API quota limitations.

In addition to powerful CSV management features, Sweetspot is now providing another option to facilitate the integration of this type of data: Google Spreadsheet.

Google Spreadsheet example

With the integration of Google Spreadsheet, integrating non-API data sources is more efficient than ever. Now the arduous steps of downloading, updating and uploading CSVs every day, month, week, according to your dashboard update frequency, has been made redundant and you are able to update your data directly in your Google Spreadsheet and see it automatically updated in your Sweetspot dashboard.

Some simple creation guidelines ensure that there are no issues when Sweetspot attempts to integrate this data into your KPIs and make your calculations, to make this method of integrating offline data extremely efficient.

We hope that you enjoy the Google Spreadsheet integration. What other tools would you like to see integrated?

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Megan Wilcock

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