Sweetspot updates March (I)


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You requested them, and now they are here! Read on for details on the latest Sweetspot updates.

Greater Flexibility in report exports

Our highly popular PDF and PPTX report exports are now more flexible than ever. Now with the click of a button you can download your full dashboard, a specific indicator, or selected tabs as a PPTX or PDF report.

Faster KPI configuration where historical trend data is not required

Although some marketers rely heavily on historical trend data, this is not always available – for example: if you start using a new data collection tool, deploy new assets, or start measuring a new indicator. Now it is no longer necessary to provide prior data instances when configuring a KPI in Sweetspot, which in turn makes KPI configuration more efficient when historical data is not required.

Connect your Google Spreadsheets or Distimo data into Sweetspot

Now you can connect your statistical information for mobile apps into Sweetspot via Distimo, as well as your Google Spreadsheet data. The continual addition of new data sources to our Data Builder will help you to create more representative and better indicators that show the true performance of your digital initiatives.

What new features do you want to see in your dashboard? We’d love you to share them with us!

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