Another round of Sweetspot updates has come in!


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Our development team has been working on further updates to improve your Sweetspot reporting and communication experience! These latest updates allow you to use Conversion Funnel graphs in Sweetspot and quickly access information on the status of your dashboard.

“Conversion funnel” graphs now available in the Data Builder new conversion funnel option in Sweetspot

It’s now possible to construct Conversion funnel graphs directly from the Data Builder. When you’re configuring this type of graph in the Data Builder; you should introduce the elements you want to see represented either as:

  • a dimension: for example, if each stage of the funnel is represented by a web page, or
  • a set of metrics: for example, if each stage of the funnel represents an event that happens within your website

During the process of creating a Conversion funnel graph, Sweetspot will allow you to select how you want to represent the stages of the funnel. You can choose to represent them either through dimensions added or through metrics added. This new option is applied in the same way as that of Pie Graphs for example (selected if each “piece” of the pie represents the metrics or added dimensions), and in Dispersion graphs (selected if each point of the graphic represents the metrics or dimensions added).

Addition of your ‘information window’ that shows your dashboard status

Now, on accessing your dashboard, you will see a new button that shows information on the general state of your dashboard with regards to the condition of the data it contains.

This window will show:

  • The total number of elements that exist in the dashboard (as a sum of all the KPIs, tables and charts represented)
  • A list containing all the KPIs and charts that are currently undergoing an update by Sweetspot
  • Another list containing all of the KPIs and charts that have tried to update at least once for the current period of time but have not been able to complete the operation. This is usually due to a lack of data in the original source: CSV data sources awaiting update or APIs that are unavailable or that have configuration errors for example

new feature: your Sweetspot Information window

We hope that the addition of conversion funnel graphs to the list of available chart types will allow you to present your data in the most effective way possible. Furthermore, that the information window will help you keep up-to-date on the status of your dashboard.


What feature updates would you like to see in Sweetspot?


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