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Last Wednesday at the Prohibition Bar at The W Hotel The Forshay in Minneapolis, we were lucky enough to meet some key players in the Twin Cities Analytics Community at our latest WAW event.

WAW Minneapolis at Prohibition BarIt was a great chance to catch up with some locals to; enjoy an amazing view of the city; be taken back to the glitz of the 20s, and rather ironically given the setting; talk about one of the most upcoming industries of the 21st Century.

Those who joined had wide-ranging positions: from consultants, to e-Commerce experts, from Analysts to Big Data professionals, and all had interesting things to note about the advancing industry and their particular roles in it. Although the event’s focus was on Enterprise Dashboards and reporting communications, this social event gave everyone a chance to mingle, and to talk about Analytics and Digital Marketing in general.

The Minneapolis meet up was the first of its kind for over a year and I hope it will not be so long until the next, given the enthusiasm of those who were present, and the amazing amount of interesting knowledge they had to share.

Thanks for such an enjoyable night and I hope to see you all again soon at a future WAW event!

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Megan Wilcock

VP of Business Development for Sweetspot. Responsible for strategic brand development, marketing and business development. BA/BComm graduate from the University of Melbourne. My passion lies in finding creative solutions and encouraging collaboration.

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