Eric T. Peterson’s “Digital Insight Management” Now Available


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Eric T. Peterson's new white paperAs mentioned earlier, Sweetspot has had the great opportunity to discuss Digital Insight Management with Eric T. Peterson of Web Analytics Demystified. His new white paper titled ‘Digital Insight Management, Ten Tips to Better Leverage Your Existing Investment in Digital Analytics and Optimization’, sponsored by Sweetspot is now available for download.

The paper was first distributed at eMetrics Boston and later showcased at Web Analytics Wednesdays in Stockholm and Bogotá, to a strong reception from attendees at all three events. The paper has been the starter for many conversations revolving around the inefficiency of under-leveraged investment in digital analytics and optimization, and saw many industry professionals discussing both the methodology suggested in the paper and their own ideas for overcoming this problem.

To learn more about Digital Insight Management, download a copy of the paper here. 

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