Global Compliance of Cookie-based Web Analytics Activities


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We have been thinking quite a lot about the topic of cookies following the publication of a paper on Cookie-based Web Analytics by our partners Divisadero and as the 1 year deadline for compliance draws ever nearer.


Cookies have become an integral part of web monitoring over recent years and have been vital allowing  companies to improve both online and offline performance by utilizing the web for a number of different objectives- from solely providing basic contact details to creating an all-encompassing web presence which spans numerous assets, devices and continents.

The dual function of cookies in remembering session data to improve the online eCommerce experience and retaining user information to improve targeted online market have come under increasing scrutiny in recent times and debate has spiked intensely after the implementation of the EU Privacy directive.

But what does this along with other international privacy legislation actually mean for companies operating online? Are the functional capacities of cookies still supported? Is the collection of third-party cookies for targeted marketing campaigns illegal?

What is clear is that finding a cross-border compliance solution for cookie-based web analytics activities should be on the agenda for any company who has a stake in online commercial activities.

This dictates that all companies with an online presence need to both understand applicable regulations as well as their own data collection environments.

To find out more on recommendations for achieving global compliance and limiting liability, we recommend reading the white paper “Global Compliance of Cookie-based Web Analytics Activities”.


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