Master class with Avinash Kaushik, Sweetspot London Launch and WSAB – 27 October, Melia White House Hotel


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On October 27 Avinash Kaushik joined us at the Melia White House Hotel London with a worthy objective: to help European companies move beyond theory and into action.

We were joined by a group of 25 prominent industry professions throughout Europe who were enlightened and entertained(!) as Avinash spoke on some major web analytics topics of today such as: appropriate metrics, customization, attribution, targeting, segmentation and the importance of linking measurement models to business objectives.

Sergio Maldonado, founder and General Manager of Sweetspot, followed up on these themes by presenting practical models for the implementation of metrics. Focusing on common industry-specific metrics, Sergio described some of the optimization actions and tricks he has learn throughout the last 5 years.

Attendees then participated in the two-day Web and Social Analytics Bootcamp (WSAB) with presentations by Sergio Maldonado as well as Julien Coquet from Hub´Sales and Iain Murphy from Celebrus.

The two-day intensive course  gave attendees the chance to discuss practical measurement challenges, learn from case studies and participate in practical analysis examples using both web analytics tools such as Google Analytics and SiteCatalyst at the measurement level as well as Sweetspot at the reporting and analysis level.

At the conclusion of the two days, attendees left with the Analyst Cheat Sheet 2.0.- a survival guide for the analyst, a report on The EU Cookie Directive, a wealth of new web and social analytics knowledge and a bunch of new industry contacts.

For further event information, see WSAB

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