Sweetspot Intelligence

Omnichannel Intelligence meets Performance Management

Sweetspot Intelligence provides everything you would expect from an enterprise information delivery platform:

  • From ETL and ad hoc data modeling capabilities to full storage and bulk updates at back-end level.
  • From custom date ranges and dynamic filtering to automated insights and forecasting at front-end level.

Sweetspot Intelligence has been recognized as one of four Pure Play Marketing Dashboards and consistently obtains the highest reviews amongst its direct competitors in the Marketing Intelligence space (see competitive charts vis-a-vis: Origami Logic, Beckon, Domo).

Specs at a glance

*DCX (Data Consumer Experiences)
Includes: Cross-device visualizations, Mobile apps, Digital Insight ManagementTM, Flags, Goals & Alerts, Sweetspot CurtainsTM, Forecasting, Calendar events, Voice commands (Alexa) & Dynamic visualizations.

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