Sweetspot DCX

Your data is gold. Do not settle for less exquisite wrapping.

Sweetspot DCX provides and impeccable visualization layer for your data, insights, headlines and thoughts. While powering every single one of our products, DCX is also available as a stand-alone offering that BI departments or Marketing Technology specialists can now leverage on top of their own Marketing Data Stack.

Whatever your choice of data lake, data warehouse, Customer Data Platform or Marketing Data Hub, Sweetspot DCX will ensure that end users get the best possible view.

Oh, in case you wonder, DCX stands for Data Consumer Experiences. We take THAT seriously.

Specs at a glance

*DCX (Data Consumer Experiences)
Includes: Cross-device visualizations, Mobile apps, Digital Insight ManagementTM, Flags, Goals & Alerts, Sweetspot CurtainsTM, Forecasting, Calendar events, Voice commands (Alexa) & Dynamic visualizations.

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