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  • Sergio Maldonado

    Sergio Maldonado


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  • Victor Pérez

    Victor Pérez


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  • Sarah McDermott

    Sarah McDermott

    VP Customer & Partner Success

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  • Meg Wilcock

    Meg Wilcock


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  • Alfredo Mezquita

    Alfredo Mezquita

    VP Operations

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  • Lenke Harmath

    Lenke Harmath


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  • Ignacio Menendez

    Ignacio Menendez

    Financial Controller

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  • Holly McKendry

    Holly McKendry

    Marketing Executive

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  • Rafael Persa

    Rafael Persa

    Senior UI/UX Designer

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  • Diego Guerra

    Diego Guerra

    Chief Technology Officer

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  • Sergio Álvarez

    Sergio Álvarez

    Tech Lead

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  • Eduardo Casal

    Eduardo Casal

    Software Engineer

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  • Diego Mezquita

    Diego Mezquita

    Software Engineer

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  • Gonzalo Riestra

    Gonzalo Riestra

    Software Engineer

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  • Daniel Machado

    Daniel Machado

    Software Engineer

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  • Zeus Perez

    Zeus Perez

    API Manager

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  • Lindsey Larson

    Lindsey Larson

    Project Manager

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  • Shahved Katoch

    Shahved Katoch

    Senior Specialist

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  • Ignacio Gancedo

    Ignacio Gancedo

    Senior Specialist

    • LinkedIn Ignacio Gancedo
  • Oliver Slee

    Oliver Slee

    Project Manager

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  • Roberto Pastor

    Roberto Pastor

    Senior Specialist

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  • Ricardo Alvarez

    Ricardo Alvarez

    Senior Specialist

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The Inveready Group

About Inveready

The Inveready Group The Inveready Group is the first Spanish investment group focused on early-stage innovative companies seeking seed capital between € 1M and € 4M. Inveready’s strategically placed offices in Barcelona, Madrid and San Francisco, are advantageous to portfolio companies addressing the internationalization of their solutions. Currently, Inveready has four investment vehicles with more than € 40M in assets under management, 120 shareholders and more than 40 portfolio companies such as MasMovil, Lucierna, VS Anywhere, Agile Contents, My Star Autograph, PaloBiofarma, Adman Media or Yunait. Inveready recently announced the divestment of its portfolio companies PasswordBank, 3Scale and Indisys.

Cube Investments

About Cube

Cube Investments is the investing arm of Spain’s largest digital marketing group, with a turnover close to € 125 million and over 225 employees. The group, which has an extensive international network in Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Germany and Israel, is focused on entrepreneurship from a deep digital marketing knowledge standpoint and the ambition to promote digital transformation in different industries. The companies of the group include, among others, flagship brands such as T2O Media, the first SEO, SEM and Performance agency in Spain; JOT, one of the global leaders in massive traffic generation; Wink, an dependent digital transformation agency; and has also incubated among others, projects like Iahorro, Impacting and Mirayvuela. In addition, Cube Investments has invested in international projects like including be2 and C-Date and the crowdfunding platform The Crowd Angel in Spain.

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